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The Greatest Aerial Photographic Advantage

It’s no secret that helicopters offer the greatest aerial photographic advantage. Thanks to their ability to fly lower and slower than airplanes, stop to hover, and even land in confined places, helicopters allow photographers more control over their shots, which is why many photographers and surveyors swear by helicopters for their aerial photography, and cinematography.

Whether you are a professional photographer, amateur, surveyor, or simply want to capture unforgettable images and memories of New York City’s famous skyline, ZIP AVIATION’s photo flights provide the perfect answer to all aerial photography needs. Set your own flight route or allow our experienced pilots to fly you over the most iconic and picturesque areas of our beautiful city for the perfect photo opportunity.

For a professional Aerial Cinematography quote, call us at 212-422-1700 and select option 4.

Aerial Photography Session Pricing

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Any cancellations made less than 48 hours before the scheduled departure are charged 50%. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled departure time, as well as no-show passengers, incur 100% of flight charges. All helicopter charter flights are weather dependent. All additional expenses are passed on at cost: landings, parking, late operations, overnight expenses, or other charges related to the flight requested. Late passengers are responsible for any waiting and parking fees incurred. Passengers that are more than 15 minutes later than the scheduled pickup time are charged $400 per hour.